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Learn how to visualize and quantify any gene, in any species, in any tissue down to the single-cell level with RNAscope® ISH. Request or register for a free seminar presented by RNAscope® expert.

  • May
    The RNAscope Symposium Stockholm
    Biomedicum 3, Karolinska Institutet, Solnavägen 9, Stockholm
    The RNAscope Symposium Stockholm
    Antje Märtin
    A Spatiomolecular Map fo the Striatum
    Raoul Kuiper, PhD
    Histopathology and functional histology: extracting high-resolution topographic, structural and mechanistic information from tissue
    Artur Mezheyeuski, MD, PhD
    Multispectral imaging for tumour immunology
    Virginie Goubert, PhD
    Phenoptics & CODEX technologies for High-plexing, Immuno-profiling and phenotyping of multiple immune cell subsets in situ in FFPE tissue sections
    Julia Boye
    Fully automated RNAscope Assays on Leica BOND RX
    Anna Kock, PhD
    Leica BOND RX – A fully automated research stainer

    We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming RNAscope® User Meeting - a collaboration between PerkinElmer, Leica Biosystems and Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand. The aim of this event is to promote and facilitate scientific discussions and exchanges among existing and future users from various institutions who want single-molecule sensitive detection of target expression in intact disease and normal tissue. This meeting presents a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn how the RNAscope® technology can help in overcome scientific challenges and engage in discussions.

    Our invited speakers will show in their presentations how this next generation ISH enables and accelerates their research - in a manual or automated way. They will present their scientific challenges and results, and will describe how they set up RNAscope® and established it as a core assay in their labs.

    During the lunch break and the “come together” at the end we would like to get your feedback, answer special questions, discuss potential use of RNAscope® in your lab and encourage networking with your colleagues and peers. Specialists from technical support, applications and sales will be present.

    Attendance is free, but places are limited, so please register.

    Dates and Registration:
  • May
    LSE @ University of Pittsburgh
    University of Pittsburgh, PA

    Visit us at the Life Science Exhibits to learn more about the RNAscope® assay and how it can impact your research. 

    Check out how the RNAscope® assay already helped publish over 2000 research papers: Click here.

    Meet your RNAscope® assay expert, John Pulliam, PhD. (, at this LSE show. 

    Dates and Registration:
  • Jun
    Bio-Techne Day, Bonn
    LIFE & BRAIN GmbH, Venusberg-Campus 1, Gebäude 76 53127 Bonn
    Bio-Techne Day, Bonn
    Erick Martinez
    Stilla Frede, PhD

    Join us for a Bio-Techne day featuring presentations by distinguished scientists who have successfully applied our products to their research. Our family of brands collaborate together to provide over 300,000 services and products, and our Bio-Techne staff will be on hand to provide information on how these products can help you to accelerate your research in the fields ofneuroscience, cancer & immunology.


    R&D Systems® Advanced Cell Diagnostics™ Tocris®
    We are a manufacturer of high quality proteins and a world leader in immuno-assays. We produce antibodies, arrays, stem cell products and kits. We provide RNAscope® Assay. It delivers quantitative, sensitive and specific molecular single-copy RNA detection with morphological context in a single assay. We are a leading supplier of novel small molecules and peptides for life science research, such as receptor ligands, enzyme inhibitors, and screening libraries.
    Dates and Registration:
  • Jun
    RNAscope® User Meeting, Munich
    BioMedizinisches Centrum (BMC), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Großhaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg-Martinsried
    RNAscope® User Meeting, Munich
    Kathrin Held, PhD
    Manja Thorwirth, PhD

    We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming RNAscope® User Meeting.

    Spatially mapped biomarker information at the single-cell level is crucial to understanding cellular organization and cell-to-cell interactions in complex tissue environment and understanding cellular interactions within gene and cell therapy models.

    RNAscope® and BaseScope™ assays, the two highly specific and sensitive ISH methods allow visualizing gene expression and genetic variations in tissue environments.
    This seminar will highlight:

    • Detection of mRNAs, viral RNAs, and lncRNAs at single molecule sensitivity by RNAscope® assay

    • Use as cell markers for cell therapy T-cell and viral vector localization as a sensitive safety assessment tool

    • Validation of target gene expression after high-throughput transcriptome analysis

    • Target specific splice junctions by BaseScope™ assay

    • Distinguish specific homologues, paralogues, and orthologues by RNAscope® or BaseScope™ assays

    • Perform single cell analysis within tissue architecture in FFPE or frozen tissues

    Attendance is free, but places are limited, so please register.

    Dates and Registration:
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