Why choose RNAscope ISH Technology?

The pioneering RNAscope ISH technology for single cell, spatial gene expression

Although in situ RNA detection techniques (ISH and FISH) have been around for years, they are largely ineffective. They lack robustness and sensitivity to reliably detect the expression of most human genes. Microarray and PCR are gold standard molecular methods for disease profiling, but clinically relevant information regarding cellular and tissue context, as well as spatial variation of the expression patterns, is lost in the process.

Inspired to solve these challenges, Scientists at Advanced Cell Diagnostics revolutionized the RNA in situ hybridization method and in 2011 introduced RNAscope ISH for detection of target RNA within intact cells. The assay represents a major advance in RNA ISH approaches, with its proprietary probe design that simultaneously amplify target-specific signals and suppress background noise from non-specific hybridization. Known for its sensitivity and specificity, RNAscope ISH is now a proven pioneering technology in the advancing field of spatial genomics, featured in over 9,000 publications across a multitude of research areas. ACD offers both comprehensive Professional Assay Services and single cell spatial gene expression technology for the assay to be conducted in research labs: kits, accessories and catalog probes for over 45,000 targets in over 140 species.

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RNAscope™ Applications

RNAscope™ in situ hybridization assays are applicable to a wide variety of research applications. Browse our application library to learn how you can use RNAscope™ technology to better understand disease pathology, develop new research tools, and visualize signaling pathways in situ.

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Why use RNAscope ISH?

New advances in RNA in situ hybridization transforms molecular detection
with morphological context enabling scientists to extract new data dimensions

Researcher Spotlight

Interview with
Dr. Patricia Pesavento

Viral Pathogenesis

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"We have been using RNAscope™ ISH, and have obtained a very sensitive detection with essentially no background. Both Sales and Support staffs have been exceptional in providing assistance at all stages of the process, getting us from concept to labeled slide with timely and expert advice."

Steven H. Young, Ph.D.

Researcher, Division of Digestive

Disease Department of Medicine,

David Geffen School of Medicine

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RNAscope technology has grown at an unprecedented rate - over 9,000 publications since 2011. Review, search or download the completed peer-reviewed publication list.

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Technology video

Learn how the RNAscope Assay is the perfect solution
for a wide range of research and clinical applications.

How it works

RNAscope Technology is a revolutionary in situ hybridization (ISH)
assay for detection of target RNA within intact cells.

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Dive deeper into RNAscope technology and review our
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