RNAscope™ Kits Now Include Reagents for Protease-Free Workflow

Welcome to the world of spatial multiomcs with RNAscope. Now with the innovative Protease-Free PretreatPro™ and AMP Pro™ reagents, you can combine the power of in situ hybridization (ISH) with immunohistochemistry (IHC) on the same tissue section. These protease-free reagents are now added to existing LS Red/Brown RNAscope kits to allow you to have a comprehensive solution for studying gene expression and protein localization in tissues.

Key Features:

Expanded Protein Detection: The new RNAscope Protease-Free workflow now empowers you to use any IHC-validated antibody to co-detect proteins and RNAs on the same tissue section.

Preserved Tissue Morphology: The protease-free approach preserves tissue morphology, ensuring that your results are both precise for analysis and visually stunning.

Flexible Assay Design: Kits will include both Protease and Protease-Free reagents, so you can choose from either pretreatment options.

Ease of implementation: The Protease-Free workflow with PretreatPro and AMP Pro seamlessly integrates with your existing RNAscope protocols.


Protease-Free Co-Detection Using the new PretreatPro and AMP Pro Reagents.