Neuronal Cell Types

Detection, characterization and (co-) localization of neuronal cell types and subcellular target localization

The RNAscope assay can be used for the visualization of multiple target co-expression patterns or the co-expression of the target(s) of interest with desired cell type markers that characterize particular types of neurons or glia. Commonly used cell type markers to distinguish neuronal and glial target expression patterns include Rbfox3, Aif1, and Gfap for the detection of neurons, microglia and astrocytes, respectively. The striatum harbors two distinct neuronal populations that either express Dopamine Receptor D1 (Drd1) – the striatonigral pathway – or Dopamine Receptor D2 (Drd2) - the striatopallidal pathway. These different neuronal cell types can be accurately detected and visualized using the RNAscope technology. Images for the detection of these different cell type markers can be found in our image gallery. Commonly used cell type markers can be found in the table below:

Cell TypeMarkers
Neuroepithelial cellsNestinSOX2notch1HES1, HES3, E-cadherinoccludin
Radial gliaVimentinnestinPAX6HES1HES5GFAPGLASTBLBPTN-CN-cadherinSOX2
Intermediate progenitorsTBR2MASH1/ Ascl1
Immature neuronsDoublecortinbeta III tubulinNeuroD1TBR1stathmin 1
Oligodendrocyte precursor cellsPDGF receptor alphaNG2
Mature oligodendrocytesOlig1Olig2, Olig3, MBPOSPMOGSOX10
Schwann cellsMPZ, NCAMGAP43S100
AstrocytesGFAPEAAT1/ GLASTEAAT2/ GLT-1glutamine synthetaseS100-betaALDH1L1
Mature neuronsNeuN = RbFox3MAP2160kDa neurofilament medium200kDA neurofilament heavysynaptophysinPSD95
Glutamateric neuronsvGluT1vGluT2NMDAR1NMDAR2Bglutaminaseglutamine synthetase
GABAergic neuronsGABA transporter 1GABA receptor 1GABA receptor 2GAD 65 = Gad2GAD67 = Gad1
Dopaminergic neuronsTyrosine Hydroxylase = THdopamine transporterFOXA2GIRK2Nurr1LMX1B
Serotonergic neuronsTryptophan hydroxylaseserotonin transporterPet1
Cholinergic neuronsCholine acetyltransferasevesicular acetylcholine transporteracetylcholinesterase


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Cellular localization of RNA expression in central and peripheral nervous system using RNAscope Technology

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