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RNAscope™ Made-To-Order Target Probes

If your gene of interest in not listed in our catalog, ACD can design and manufacture new in situ hybridization probes for you, we term these “RNAscope™ Made-to-Order Target Probes” . To order or get more info on Made-to-Order New Targets Probes, please fill in the form below and an ACD Account Executive will contact you.  

Our RNAscope in situ hybridization probe design pipeline can be applied to public or proprietary sequences for use with any of our chromogenic or fluorescent RNAscope Reagent Kits, for manual or automated assay configurations.

ACD's Made-to-Order Probe design process is highly flexible. Specify your needs and if you have special requests or want to keep the designs exclusive, let us know. There is a one-time target setup fee for new RNAscope Made-to-Order Target Probes. Once a made-to-order RNA probe is designed, manufactured and shipped to you, the probe is then added to the RNAscope Catalog Target Probes and subsequent orders will not require a set up fee. Special design requests, including keeping probes exclusive will require additional fees.

Made-to-Order RNAscope Target Probe can accommodate your specific needs:  

All transcript variants: A typical design may contain approximately 40 oligos or 20 signal-generating oligo-pairs. The design aims to detect all transcript variants in its target gene. For mRNA, this includes both the target coding (CDS) and/or non-coding UTR regions.

Transcript variants (splice variants): Transcript variants may differ in functions but can share a lot of the sequence. Transcript variant-specific probes can be designed for regions with at least 300 unique bases so that at least 6 double Z probes can be designed.

Specific regions within a single transcript variant: If your research requires a probe targeting only a specific region of the target RNA, please specify. If your specific region is less than 1000 bases but larger than 300 bases, we can work with you to design these probes. Please note that the robustness of the probes are directly proportional to the number of Z probe pairs that we can design. Probes with less than 10 Z probe pairs may not be ideal for certain tissue types, level of RNA degradation or expression level.

Gene families: A standard design will target a single member of a gene family. Even among highly conserved gene families, it is typically possible to identify a region of suitable length (> 300 bases) that has less than 85% homology to any other gene, enabling single-target specificity of the probe. If your research requires a single probe pool that targets several genes within a gene family, this is a special request which we often can accommodate.

Multi-gene pools: ACD can design a set of probes that can be pooled together for studies where detection of any one of a set of markers is a relevant strategy. For instance, pooled markers associated with a circulating tumor cell phenotype or pooled probes specific for each human papillomavirus subtype have been designed and used successfully.

Made to Order: Limited Exclusivity - almost all probes that ACD designs are to sequences that are annotated in publicly available genome databases. All such probe pools will be made available to the general public in our catalog. If a sequence is not present in public databases, for instance, a newly discovered non-coding RNA or a synthetic gene, ACD will consider designing a corresponding probe and making it available to only the requesting customer until the target sequence becomes public or by customer’s written request.

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