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Probe Datasheet

PDS 64-071 Hs-GATA3 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-071 Pdf
PDS 64-072 Hs-PPARA Probe Data SheetPDS 64-072 Pdf
PDS 64-073 Hs-FN1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-073 Pdf
PDS 64-074 Hs-NRAS Probe Data SheetPDS 64-074 Pdf
PDS 64-075 Hs-AKT1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-075 Pdf
PDS 64-076 Hs-AKT3 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-076 Pdf
PDS 64-077 Hs-RUNX2 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-077 Pdf
PDS 64-078 Hs-GLI1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-078 Pdf
PDS 64-098 Hs-NAPSA Probe Data SheetPDS 64-098 Pdf
PDS 64-100 Hs-IGL Probe Data SheetPDS 64-100 Pdf
PDS 64-101 Hs-HPV-HR18 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-101 Pdf
PDS 64-102 Hs-FGFR1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-102 Pdf
PDS 64-106 Hs-CCR2 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-106 Pdf
PDS 64-107 Hs-CD6 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-107 Pdf
PDS 64-108 Hs-MAF Probe Data SheetPDS 64-108 Pdf
PDS 64-109 Hs-MME Probe Data SheetPDS 64-109 Pdf
PDS 64-111 Hs-SMAD2 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-111 Pdf
PDS 64-112 Hs-PAX8 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-112 Pdf
PDS 64-055 Hs-IL6 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-055 Pdf
PDS 64-068 Hs-BRCA1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-068 Pdf
PDS 64-069 Hs-BRCA2 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-069 Pdf
PDS 64-070 Hs-EPCAM Probe Data SheetPDS 64-070 Pdf
PDS 64-080_Hs-CCND1_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-080 Pdf
PDS 64-081_Hs-CDKN1A_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-081 Pdf
PDS 64-082_Hs-CDKN1B_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-082 Pdf
PDS 64-083_Hs-CSF3_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-083 Pdf
PDS 64-085_Hs-FLT1_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-085 Pdf
PDS 64-086_Hs-IGF1R_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-086 Pdf
PDS 64-088_Hs-KIT_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-088 Pdf
PDS 64-087_Hs-JAK2_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-087 Pdf
PDS 64-089_Hs-MAP2K1_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-089 Pdf
PDS 64-091_Hs-BCL2_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-091 Pdf
PDS 64-093_Hs-EBI3_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-093 Pdf
PDS 64-094_Hs-GZMB_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-094 Pdf
PDS 64-095_Hs-IL3RA_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-095 Pdf
PDS 64-096_Hs-LTA_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-096 Pdf
PDS 64-113 Hs-IGF2 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-113 Pdf
PDS 64-114 Hs-CD1A Probe Data SheetPDS 64-114 Pdf
PDS 64-115 Hs-CD19 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-115 Pdf
PDS 64-116 Hs-CD28 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-116 Pdf
PDS 64-117 Hs-CD38 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-117 Pdf
PDS 64-118 Hs-CD68 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-118 Pdf
PDS 64-119 Hs-TNFRSF17 CD269 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-119 Pdf
PDS 64-120 Hs-HOTAIR Probe Data SheetPDS 64-120 Pdf
PDS 64-121 Hs-MALAT1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-121 Pdf
PDS 64-122 Hs-PCAT1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-122 Pdf
PDS 64-123 Hs-BTLA Probe Data SheetPDS 64-123 Pdf
PDS 64-125 Hs-GAS5 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-125 Pdf
PDS 64-126 Hs-H19 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-126 Pdf
PDS 64-132 Hs-PVT1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-132 Pdf
PDS 64-133 Hs-NEAT1-long Probe Data SheetPDS 64-133 Pdf
PDS 64-134 Hs-PCGEM1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-134 Pdf
PDS 64-135 Hs-SCHLAP1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-135 Pdf
PDS 64-136 Hs-THBS1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-136 Pdf
PDS 64-137 Hs-TUG1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-137 Pdf
PDS 64-079_Hs-BCL2L1_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-079 Pdf
PDS 64-084 Hs-EGF Probe Data SheetPDS 64-084 Pdf
PDS 64-124 Hs-CDKN2B-AS1 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-124 Pdf
PDS 64-127 Hs-MEG3 Probe Data SheetPDS 64-127 Pdf
PDS 64-128 Hs-MIAT Probe Data SheetPDS 64-128 Pdf
PDS 64-129 Hs-NEAT1-SHORT Probe Data SheetPDS 64-129 Pdf
PDS 64-092_Hs-CSF2_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-092 Pdf
PDS 64-099 Hs-IGK Probe Data SheetPDS 64-099 Pdf
PDS 64-130 Hs-REST Probe Data SheetPDS 64-130 Pdf
PDS 64-090_Hs-BCL6_ProbeDataSheetPDS 64-090 Pdf


320630 RNAscope VS Accessory Kit

324409 RNAscope™ HiPlex12 Reagents Kit (488, 550, 650, 750) v2

ResultsDownload FileDoc. NO
SDS 324399 RNAscope Cleaving Stock Solution


324419 RNAscope™ HiPlex12 Reagents Kit (488, 550, 650) v2

ResultsDownload FileDoc. NO
SDS 324399 RNAscope Cleaving Stock Solution


RNAscope® Wash Buffer Reagents

ResultsDownload FileDoc. NO
SDS 320058 RNAscope® Wash Buffer


SDS RNAscope® ISH Probe SARS-CoV-2

ResultsDownload FileDoc. NO
SDS (EN) for RNAscope ISH Probe SARS-CoV-2


SDS miRNAscope HD Assay Red

SDS miRNAscope LS Red Assay

Tech Note

Sample Prep. for Cultured Cells w/ Chromogenic Assay321232 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope 2.5 Red or Brown_Fixed-Frozen Tissue320534 Pdf
Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Sample Prepration and Pretreatment For the RNAscope® 2.5 Assay Part 1322452-USM Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope Fluorescent Multiplex v1_Cultured Adherent Cells_Chambered Slides320538-TN Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope Fluorescent Multiplex v1_Fixed-Frozen Tissue320535-TN Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent_Sequential ISH-IF322818 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope Fluorescent Multiplex_Fresh Frozen Tissue320513 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_Cultured Adherent Cells_Chambered SlidesMK-50-010 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_Cultured Adherent Cells_96-wellplateSOP 45-009A Pdf
TN Ancillary RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_Sequential ISH-IF323100-TN Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope/BaseScope_How to Collect and Cryosection Fresh-Frozen Tissue MK 50-013 Pdf
RNAscope® Assay for Adherent Cells Cultured on CoverslipsMK 50-012 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope_Wholemount zebrafish embryosMK 50-016 Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope 2.5 Brown_Sequential ISH-IHCMK 50-019 Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope 2.5 Red_Sequential ISH-IHCMK 50-018 Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope/BaseScope_How to Prepare FFPE Cell Pellets SOP 45-008 Pdf
UM_Ancillary_VS_RNAscope_Sequential ISH-IHCMK 50-015 Pdf
TN_Software_ImageJ for Data Analysis_RNAscope/BaseScopeTS 46-003 Pdf
TN_Ancillary_RNAscope 2.5 Red_Sequential ISH-IF322350-TN Pdf
TN_Sample Prep_RNAscope/BaseScope_Fresh Frozen Tissue320536 Pdf
TN_Software_CellProfiler for Data Analysis_RNAscope/BaseScope Pdf
TN_Software_QuPath for Data Analysis_RNAscope/BaseScope/miRNAscopeMK 51-154 Pdf
TN_Ancillary_RNAscope 2.5 Red/BaseScope Red_ISH-IHC Co-Detection Workflow (ICW)MK 51-149 TN Pdf
TN_Ancillary_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_ISH-IF Co-Detection Workflow (ICW)MK 51-150 TN Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope 2.5 Red/BaseScope Red_ISH-IHC Co-Detection Workflow (ICW)MK 51-151 TN Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_ISH-IF Co-Detection Workflow (ICW)MK 51-152 TN Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_miRNAscope_ISH-IHC Co-Detection Workflow (ICW)TN 324600 Pdf

User Manuals

ACD EZ-Batch™ Slide Processing System User Manual321256 Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 HD Detection Kit (RED) User Manual PART 2322360-USM Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 HD Detection Kit (BROWN) User Manual PART 2322310-USM Pdf
RNAscope® Fluorescent Multiplex Reagent Kit User Manual PART 2.320293-USM Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Reagent Kit – User Manual for BDZ 11322440-USM Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 HD Duplex Detection User Manual Part 2322500-USM Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 LS Reagent Kit –BROWN User Manual for BDZ 11322100_USM_BDZ11 Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 LS Reagent Kit- RED User Manual for BDZ 11322150_USM_BDZ11 Pdf
RNAscope® LS Multiplex User Manual322800-USM Pdf
RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Kit v2 User Manual323100-USM Pdf
TN_Ancillary_LS_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent_4-plex 322380-TN Pdf
TN _Ancillary_RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent V2_4-plex323120-TN Pdf
HybEZ™ II Hybridization System and EZ-Batch™ Slide Processing System321710-USM Pdf
RNAscope® 2.5 LSx Reagent Kit – BROWN User Manual for BDZ 15/BXD 15322700-USM Pdf
RNAscope®2.5 LSxReagent Kit –REDUser Manual for BDZ 15/BXD 15 322750-USM Pdf
RNAscope® VS Universal HRP Assay323200-USM-ULT Pdf
RNAscope® VS Universal AP Assay323250-USM-ULT Pdf
RNAscope® VS Duplex Assay323300-USM-ULT Pdf
Fluorescent Guide for the RNAscope VS Universal HRP AssayMK 50-014 Pdf
BaseScope™ Detection Reagent Kit v2 – RED User Manual323900-USM Pdf
BaseScope™ LS Detection Reagent Kit User Manual for BDZ 11 or higher323600-USM Pdf
BaseScope™ VS Assay For Ventana DISCOVERY™ ULTRA System323700-USM-ULT Pdf
BaseScope™ Duplex Detection Reagent User Manual323800-USM Pdf
RNAscope® HiPlex Image Registration Software User Manual300065-USM Pdf
RNAscope® HiPlex Assay With Sample Preparation and Pretreatment324100-USM Pdf
miRNAscope™ LS Reagent Kit - REDUM 324600 Pdf
UM 324510 miRNAscope HD (RED) assay with sample preparation and pretreatment324510 Pdf
DNAscope HD Duplex Manual324700 Pdf
RNAscopeTM HiPlex12 Reagent Kit v2 (488, 550, 650) Assay324419 Pdf
RNAscopeTM HiPlex12 Reagent Kit v2 (488, 550, 650, 750) Standard Assay324409 Pdf
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