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What is the Probe Name Nomenclature?

ACD Target Probe Name Nomenclature

  • Probe
    Probe Type
  • Hs
  • FDXR
  • 5UTR
  • C2
    Amplification Channel

These are three types of RNAscope probes. The type of probe is indicated as follows:

for Manual Assays

LS Probe
for Leica Systems automated assays

VS Probe
for Ventana Systems automated assays

Species refers to the probe target species and implies that the probe is designed to the gene of the specified species. The species is typically identified by two letter designations such as "Hs" for Homo Sapiens, "Mm" for Mus musculus etc

This refers to the Official Gene Symbol as listed in the NCBI Database

This indicates any specific target region within the gene

This indicates the probe amplification channel denoted by C1, C2 or C3. RNAscope probes default to Channel 1 unless specified. This channel indicates the compatibility of the probes with different amplification systems and indicate which detection kits the probes would be compatible with.

C1 probes are compatible with all detection platforms

C2 probes are compatible only with the 2.5 HD Duplex Detection Kit and the Fluorescent Detection Kit

C3 channel probes are only compatible with the Fluorescent Detection Kit

Example 1
LS Probe - Mm-Rspo3

This probe used in Leica Automated System Assay(LS Probe) and is designed to hybridize to Mus musculus (Mm) Rspo3 gene. Its spectral channel is not listed which means Spectral Channel 1 and therefore compatible with any of the four manual asays including RNAscope 2.0 HD Reagent Kit-BROWN, RNAscope 2.0 HD Reagent Kit-RED, RNAscope 2-Plex Reagent Kit or RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit.

Example 2

This is probe is designed to be used with a manual assay (Probe). It targets just the 5' untranslated region (5UTR) of the GNRHR gene from the human sequence(Hs). This probe is compatible with spectral channel 2 (C2), so it can be used in a duplex or multiplex assay.

Catalog and Made-to-Order Probes

Using proprietary ACD RNAscope® Probe Design Pipeline, we provide double "Z" oligo probes designed to hybridize to your specific RNA target of interest. Each target RNA is typically designed with 20 Z RNA probe pairs over a 1 Kb region. We can design in situ hybridization RNA probes for virtually ANY gene in ANY genome for interrogation in ANY tissue or Cells.

RNAscope® Catalog Target Probes

Search and select from our over ever-growing catalog of in situ hybridization rna probe sets for coding RNA and long noncoding RNA (lncRNA).  Previously designed and manufactured, they can be shipped to you immediately. Our RNA ISH probes span over 9,000 RNA targets in over 140 species including human, mouse, rat, dog, cow, zebrafish, rabbit, pig, chicken, monkeys and over 100 viruses.

RNAscope® Made-to-Order Target Probes

New in situ hybridization probes for your gene of interest from virtually any species can be designed and manufactured in about 2 weeks.

RNAscope® Catalog Target Probes List (Updated August 2017)

RNAscope® In Situ Hybridization Assay Workflow

  • Step 1:


    Tissue sections or cells are fixed onto slides and pretreated with RNAscope® Pretreatment Kit to unmask target RNA and permeabilize cells.

  • Step 2:


    Designed with ~20 target-specific double Z probes, RNAscope® Probes hybridize to target RNA molecules.

  • Step 3:


    RNAscope® Detection Reagents amplify the hybridization signals via sequential hybridization of amplifiers and label probes.

  • Step 4:


    Each punctate dot signal represents a single test target RNA molecule and can be visualized with a microscope.

  • Step 5:


    Single-molecule signals can be quantified on a cell-by-cell basis by manual counting or automated image analysis using HALO Software or RNAscope® SpotStudio™ Software.

Which RNAscope® Catalog Target Probe is right for me?

RNAscope Probes

2.5 LS RNAscope Probes

2.5 VS RNAscope Probes

RNAscope Probes
Assay Compatibility

RNAscope Manual Assays

RNAscope 2.5 LS

RNAscope 2.5 VS

Probe Name & Naming convention

RNAscope Probe
Eg: Probe - Hs-FDXR-C2

2.5 LS RNAscope Probe
Eg: 2.5 LS Probe - Hs-FDXR

2.5 VS RNAscope Probe
Eg: 2.5 VS Probe - Hs-FDXR

Probe naming convention

Probe Type-Species-GeneName-Channel

Probe Type-Species-GeneName

Probe Type-Species-GeneName

Spectral Channel Compatibility

Available for Channel 1-4
(C1, C2 & C3)
When Channel No. is missing, the probe is a C1 probe

Channel 1 Only
2.5 LS Probe names often do not contain Channel No..

Channel 1 Only
2.5 VS Probe names often do not contain Channel No..

RNAscope C1 Probes Assay Compatibility

C1 is spectral channel 1 and is the most abundant probe type.
RNAscope 2.0 HD Reagent Kit--BROWN
RNAscope 2.0 HD Reagent Kit--RED
RNAscope 2-Plex Reagent Kit
RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit

RNAscope 2.5 LS Assay Reagent Kit--BROWN
RNAscope 2.5 LS Assay Reagent Kit--RED

RNAscope 2.5 VS Assay Reagent Kit--BROWN
RNAscope 2.5 VS Assay Reagent Kit--RED

RNAscope C2 Probes Assay Compatibility

C2 is spectral channel 2
RNAscope 2-Plex Reagent Kit
RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit

Not Available

Not Available

RNAscope C3 Probes Assay Compatibility

C3 is spectral channel 3
RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit

Not Available

Not Available

Probe Volume

Probes for 20 slides

Probes for 30 slides

Probes for 30 slides

Species Designation Probe name contains two letters to indicate species name

Hs--Homo Sapien Mm--Mus musculus
Rt--Rattus norvegicus
ACD offers >40 species

Hs--Homo Sapien Mm--Mus musculus
Rt--Rattus norvegicus
ACD offers >40 species

Hs--Homo Sapien Mm--Mus musculus
Rt--Rattus norvegicus
ACD offers >40 species

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