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Our benefits are your success: ACD Pharma Assay Services

Outsourcing your project gives you the flexibility to access innovative technology with highly experienced and trained personnel while minimizing the cost and time investment

The Right Technology

RNAscope technology combines RNA quantitative analysis for any gene with the ultimate sensitivity of single target detection, tissue context analysis for any type of tissue and single cell analysis. This technology has been well-established and complements other technologies like NGS, qPCR or IHC or can substitute IHC analysis when an antibody is not available.

Through our rapid and high quality Pharma Assay Services, we provide a quick and easy way to access this unique technology.

“We used ACD’s RNAscope ®  in situ hybridization assay service for co-localization analysis and gene expression profiling of several RNA biomarkers. For our project, we chose to use both the RNAscope chromogenic duplex and RNAscope fluorescent duplex assays. We are very pleased with the high resolution and quality of the raw data along with ACD’s expertise and timely delivery of the report and materials. The technology is impressive and is coupled with a friendly service. A positive experience overall, we would highly recommend them for ISH assay development and implementation.“
Alice (Yu) Chen, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist Biotech Industry.

The Right Expertise

Rely on ACD’s expertise for your precious and challenging tissues – we have experience across a large range of tissue types, sample preparations, species and models. Leave your assay development and customization to us. We’ll push the boundaries of ISH technology for you and transfer the assay to your lab when you are ready.

Our experienced team of scientists is thoroughly trained to perform RNAscope assays with extremely reliable, reproducible and robust results. Data analysis and scoring is a routine part of the job for our RNAscope experts.

With a team of experienced histotechnicians, scientists and pathologists, ACD’s Pharma Assay Services can shorten your assay development time using our unique RNAscope technology, delivering a high quality assay.

The Right Timeline

4 Weeks – the average time it takes our team to deliver high quality results following receipt of samples.

“We’ve had great experience in working with ACD. Using their service team we are able to move faster through our testing for Phase I trial. We are very happy with the quality of data, thoroughness in the reports we receive and would highly recommend them for ISH assay development and implementation.”

Omar Kabbarah, Ph.D,
Pharma/Biotech industry

The Right Cost

Implementing a new technology in your lab, educating your staff to become experts and optimizing pretreatment steps using precious samples are time- and cost-consuming steps. Free your staff to do what they do best by outsourcing your research to an expert team. You will not only save on cost but also have the peace of mind that high quality results will be delivered in a very short timeframe.

“This data puts us in a perfect position to act immediately so thank you for all of your effort and a successful execution.”

Scott Rowlinson
Aeglea Bio

PAS Publications

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