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Control Probes for Automated Assays: RNAscope 2.5 LS Reagent Kit (BROWN and RED) and RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Assay

RNAscope<sup>®</sup> 2.5 - Breast sample - dapB

RNAscope® 2.5 - Breast sample - dapB

RNAscope<sup>®</sup> 2.5 - Breast sample - PPIB

RNAscope® 2.5 - Breast sample - PPIB

RNAscope<sup>®</sup> 2.5 - Lymph node - dapB

RNAscope® 2.5 - Lymph node - dapB

RNAscope<sup>®</sup> 2.5 LS Duplex Assay - mouse brain - Ppib and Polr2a

RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Assay - mouse brain - Ppib and Polr2a

Species-specific positive probes and negative control probes are needed to run with human or mouse control slides for a quality control checkof the technique and with your sample for Sample or RNA quality control check. ACD provides positive control probes that target specie-specific housekeeping genes and negative control probes that target the bacterial DapB gene.

Careful selection of the right positive control is recommended.  The expected expression level of your target RNA is the key criteria consider as your positive control probe should have similar expression profile.  See the overview page for details.

The same control probes can be used for both RNAscope® 2.5 LS Reagent Kit—BROWN and RNAscope® 2.5 LS Reagent Kit—RED, as both function in Probe Channel 1.  The names for these probes will contain "2.5 LS Control Probes". 


For the new RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Assay two types of control probes are available:

Pooled Control probes- Control probes in both C1 and C2 channels

  • RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Control Probes (PPIB-C1,  Polar2A-C2)- Mm 
  • RNAscope® 2.5 LS Duplex Control Probes (PPIB-C1,  Polar2A-C2)- Hu

50x Control Probes in C2 channel: These probes can be combined with C1 RTU Target probes:

  • RNAscope® 2.5 LS Negative Control Probe - DapB-C2  (50x)
  • RNAscope® 2.5 LS Positive Control Probe - Hs-PPIB-C2   (50X)
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