Control Probes for Manual Assays - BaseScope™ Duplex

Species-specific positive and negative control BaseScope™ probes are required to run with human or mouse control slides for the technical quality control check and with your samples for sample RNA quality check. ACD provides BaseScope™ positive control probes that target species-specific housekeeping genes (PPIB and POLR2A) and BaseScope™ negative control probes that target the bacterial DapB gene.

Since BaseScope™ target probes can vary in length between 1 and 4 ZZ, we have designed a control probe pack to suit all BaseScope™ applications. It is important that the number of ZZ pair match between control probe and your target probe. Control probe packs are offered for human and mouse species. Each pack contains 1ZZ and 3ZZ positive and negative control probes for BaseScope™ Assay. Please use 1ZZ control probes if your target probes are 1ZZ in length. If your target probes have 2 or more ZZ pairs, please use 3ZZ positive and negative control probes for the BaseScope™ Assay.

When working with BaseScope™ Duplex chromogenic assay, you will need one premixed duplex positive control probe and one premixed duplex negative control probe.

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