Control Probes for Manual Assays: RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit

Species-specific positive probes and negative control probes are needed to run with Human or mouse control slides for technique quality control check and with your sample for Sample or RNA quality control check. ACD provides positive control probes that target species-specific housekeeping genes and negative control probes that target bacteria DapB gene.

Careful selection of the right positive control is recommended.  The expected expression level of your target RNA is the key criteria consider as your positive control probe should have similar expression profile.  See the overview page for details.

When working with RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit, you will have ultimate flexibility and can use with one, two or three target RNAs. 

Sample Images
Control Slide Human Hela cells 3 plex positive control probes, POLR2A (green) and PPIB (red) and UBC (white), RNA in situ hybridization using RNAscope<sup>®</sup> Multiplex Fluorescent Assay

Control Slide Human Hela cells 3 plex positive control probes, POLR2A (green) and PPIB (red) and UBC (white), RNA in situ hybridization using RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Assay

When using this RNAscope Multiplex Fluorescent Reagent Kit with a three target RNAs, you will work in channels 1, 2 and 3 so you will also need control probes for channel 1, channel 2 and channel 3. These species-specific positive control probe and negative control probe for channel 1 when processed with your sample will enable you to assess your sample/RNA quality and serve as control for your channel 1 target probe and so on.  ACD offers  a 3-plex Negative Control Probe which contains probes for channel 1,2 and3.  We also offer 3-plex RNAscope® Positive Control Probes for Human, Mouse and Rat where POLR2A probe is available in channel 1 and PPIB probe in channel 2 and UBC probe in channel  3. 

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