Must-Have Accessories

These products are 'must-have' accessories for some RNAscope™ Assays.

ImmEdge®  Hydrophotic Barrier Pen (Cat. No. 310018) is a must-have accessory required for all  RNAscope™ Manual Assays.

Produced by Vector Laboratories, the hydrophobic barrier pen provides a heat-stable water-repellent barrier that keeps reagents localized on tissue sections. The hydrophobic barrier pen is a must-have accessory required for all  RNAscope™ Manual Assays. 

VectaMountTM permanent Mounting Medium (Cat. No. 321584) is must-have accessory for the RNAscope™HD Duplex Assay (Cat. No. 322430).

Produced by Vector Laboratories, this mounting medium is an optically clear and odorless formula for permanently preserving histochemical stains or precipitable enzyme substrates in tissue sections or cell preparations. VectaMount™ Mounting Medium contains no toluene or xylene. It has a viscosity which provides for easy application and uniform spreading over the tissue section. Mounted sections are clear with an ideal refractive index suitable for high resolution oil immersion microscopy. VectaMount™ Mounting Medium preserves the color and intensity of preparations stained with enzyme substrates.

EcoMountTM Mounting Medium (Cat.No. 320409) is a must have accessory for the RNAscope® 2.5 HD Assay-Red.

Produced by Biocare Medical, this polymer-based mounting medium does not contain hazardous reagents such as xylene, toluene or benzene as its base solvent.  EcoMount permits long-term storage of slides with chromogens.  EcoMount dries quickly and retains excellent refractivity.

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