Expert RNAscope® and BaseScope™ Assay Development & Analysis Services Providing Results in Four Weeks

Advanced Cell Diagnostics’ Pharma Assay Services (PAS) provides RNAscope® ISH in situ gene expression analysis for target validation, target safety assessment and biomarker discovery to support preclinical research in every therapeutic area, as well as clinical biomarker development for oncology, inflammation, infectious disease, neuroscience and stem cell application areas. PAS provides access to in-house expertise directly from RNAscope® technology developers, as well as early access to the latest product innovations.

Comprehensive Services

  • Any mRNA and lncRNA – including detection of specific exons, isoforms, point mutations andfusion transcripts, codon-optimized and viral-vector expressed RNAs
  • Any Tissue – all standard tissue preparations are accepted – FFPE including archival tissues, TMAs, frozen tissue and cell preparations
  • Any Species - for virtually any animal, plant, or virus where a sequence is available, ACD can design probes targeting coding or non-coding sequence
  • Tissue Sourcing – reliable sources for human and animal tissues
  • Board-certified pathologist review
  • Quantitative image analysis HALO™ software
  • 9,000+ catalog targets available
  • 2 weeks for new probe design
  • Comprehensive report is included with assay protocol, QC results and representative images of controls and markers, with scoring or image analysis results. 

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With over five years of experience as a contract research organization (CRO) specializing in RNAscope® ISH, we have supported hundreds of clinical and pre-clinical projects with every major biopharma in the United States and globally. Each project is individually tailored and managed by our team of scientists, specialists, board certified pathologists, and data experts

  • 10,000+ slides delivered per year
  • 500+ target-specific tissue expression assays validated and successfully performed
  • 150+ tissue types including normal human, clinical disease specimens, preclinicalmodels, humanized mouse and syngeneic mouse tumor models
  • 8 automated staining systems from Leica Biosystems and Ventana Medical Systems

We provide target expression analysis that is not possible by any other means. We are able to detect any mRNA, including specific isoforms, novel exon junctions, SNPs and mutations, as well as viral vectors and codon-optimized transgene expression in essentially any fixed human and preclinical animal model tissue. And we are valued for the high quality of data and analysis that we deliver, our fast turnaround time, and our flexibility and ability to accommodate studies of any scale. 

We are supporting a broad range of pre-clinical and clinical applications in every therapeutic area including:

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