Seamless companion diagnostics for targeted therapy

RNAscope® is the first single-molecule RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) technology that works with routine clinical specimens. Unlike traditional RNA ISH methods, the ultimate sensitivity and sepecificity of RNAscope® allows it to detect any RNA biomarkers, making it one of the best technologies available for your diagnostics needs. From RUOs to LDTs to IVDs, we provide a seamless path to companion diagnostics for targeted therapy. ACD provides a portfolio of services to support companion diagnostic development:

  • Custom assay development

    ACD will develop clinical grade assays for in situ detection of RNA biomarkers of your choice, with rapid turnaround and guaranteed success. Read more.

  • Biomarker analysis

    ACD will perform RNAscope® assays on customer provided clinical specimens and will generate high quality data to support your biomarker validation research. Read more.

  • Clinical trial support

    ACD will establish quality systems and leverage CLIA-certified lab partnerships to support your clinical trials.

For more details, or if you are interested in partnering with ACD, please contact us at partnership@acdbio.com.


Novel diagnostic tests. Powered by RNAscope®.

ACD is developing a portfolio of novel cancer diagnostic tests powered by RNAscope® Technology. Current focus areas for our pipeline of assays include:

  • Head and Neck Cancer (HNC assay)

    The RNAscope® HPV HNC assay detects E6 and E7 mRNA of high risk HPV, providing direct evidence of transcriptionally active HPV in tumor cells within the context of the tissue. HPV status defined by the RNAscope® assay is a powerful prognostic factor for oropharayngeal cancer patients.

  • Cervical Cancer (CC assay)

    The RNAscope® HPV CC assay can detect high-risk HPV E6 and E7 mRNA in cervical biopsies and has the potential to serve as a molecular adjunct for pathologists to accurately diagnose screening-detected cervical abnormalities.

  • B-Cell Lymphoma (LCR assay)

    Detection of immunoglobulin light chain restriction (LCR) is a useful tool for the differential diagnosis of B cell proliferative diseases. Traditional RNA ISH methods are only sensitive enough for detecting the abundant light chain mRNAs in plasma cells. The RNAscope® LCR assay is the only RNA ISH assay that is suited for non-Hodgkin’s B cell lymphomas.

  • Melanoma (MELA assay)

    Differentiating benign nevi and early stage malignant melanoma remains the most difficult challenge in diagnostic pathology. The RNAscope® MELA assay detects molecular changes that are only present in melanomas, providing a powerful molecular adjunct for melanoma diagnosis.

  • Breast Cancer (HER2 test)

    HER2 testing in breast cancer is a companion diagnostics for HER2-targeted therapy. Current testing methods can yield equivocal or even inaccurate results. The RNAscope® HER2 test measures HER2 mRNA in breast cancer cells in morphological context. With image analysis software-based quantification, it has been shown to be able to resolve equivocal HER2 status and difficult cases with HER2 heterogeneity.

  • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC system)

    The CTCscope™ system takes full advantage of the single molecule sensitivity and multiplex capability of RNAscope® and allows simultaneous identification and molecular characterization of CTCs, without the need for special CTC enrichment or purification. It also uniquely discriminates live CTCs from apopotic/dead CTCs in the blood sample.

If you would like to know more details about our ongoing diagnostics pipeline, including relevant clinical studies, please contact us at partnership@acdbio.com.


Advancing diagnostics through collaboration and partnerships

The publications below outline progress made towards development of ACD’s pipeline of proprietary clinical diagnostic tests. The progress made to date originates from clinical development partnerships between ACD and our clinical collaborators.

For a more extensive list of RNAscope® Publications, please visit our Scientific Publications page.

Are you interested in partnering with ACD? To inquire about clinical diagnostic collaborations, please send an email to partnership@acdbio.com and a member of our clinical development team will contact you.

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