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Learn how to visualize and quantify any gene, in any species, in any tissue down to the single-cell level with RNAscope® ISH. Request or register for a free seminar presented by RNAscope® expert.

  • Apr
    ACD Symposium Series : Le Meridien, Cambridge MA
    Le Meridien - Cambridge, MA
    ACD Symposium Series : Le Meridien, Cambridge MA
    Yan Gao, Ph.D.
    Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
    Duygu Saatcioglu Ph.D
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital - Donahoe Lab
    Chris Bunker, Ph.D
    VP of Business Development - Advanced Cell Diagnostics
    Connie Zhang, Ph.D
    Technical Support Scientist - Advanced Cell Diagnostics
    Courtney Anderson, Ph.D
    Applications Scientist - Advanced Cell Diagnostics
    Vivian Barry, M.S.
    Gilead Sciences

    The RNA Revolution

    Elevate your research using gene expression analysis combined with spatial resolution


    RNAscope® technology is a routinely used method for tissue-based gene expression analysis in biopharma target validation, disease biology research and biomarker development. With the capacity to provide single-cell and single-RNA molecule gene expression analysis in the context of complex tissue microenvironments, RNAscope ISH assay is an essential tool to complement and/or validate data from technologies like ISH, qPCR or NGS. 

    Our recent advances with the BaseScope™ assay, now enables detection of a wider range of molecules, including:

    • isoform-specific splicing junctions
    • point mutations, SNP and tissue-based CRISPR edits
    • single-copy viral RNA and DNA genome detection
    • AAV and Lentiviral vector, viral UTR and codon-optimized transcripts.

    This symposium will feature successful RNA ISH applications in drug discovery research. Presenters will share how their work has been impacted by gene expression analysis with spatial resolution.

    We invite you to join us and scientists from different Pharmas, Biotechs and research groups who are applying molecular methods in elevating their research with new RNA analysis technologies.



    • Utilization of histopathology tools to study target distribution/validation
      • Yan Gao, Ph.D, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
    • The Impact of RNAscope® Assays in Discovery Research
      • Vivian Barry, M.S., Gilead Sciences
    • RNAscope® to uncover the gene signatures of the developing uterus. 
      • Duygu Saatcioglu, Ph.D, Massachusetts General Hospital - Donahoe Lab
    • Tissue-based RNA analysis in biomedical and pharmaceutical research: Immune profiling of the tumor microenvironment
      • Chris Bunker, Ph.D. and Courtney Anderson, Ph.D., Advanced Cell Diagnostics
    • Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting to Get Publication Quality RNAscope® Data
      • Connie Zhang, Ph.D, Advanced Cell Diagnostics
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