ImmEdge Hydrophobic Barrier Pen
Catalog No. 310018

ImmEdge Hydrophobic Barrier Pen



The hydrophobic barrier pen provides a heat-stable water-repellent barrier that keeps reagents localized on tissue sections. The hydrophobic barrier pen is a must-have accessory required with the RNAscope® manual assay. It contains a single pen.
Assay Compatibility
RNAscope® 2-plex Assay, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- BROWN, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- RED, RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Assay

RNAScope Workflow

  • Permeabilize
  • Hybridize


Shipping temperature(°C): RT
Storage temperature(°C): RT
Shelf life: NA from the date of manufacturing.
  • * Please check expiration dates on the reagent package
Product Documents

Product Documents