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Immuno-Oncology Datasets

RNAscope® in situ hybridization target datasets provide highly specific and sensitive expression data to complement or substitute for immunohistochemistry studies. RNAscope datasets include many duplexed immuno-oncology and checkpoint target pairs that characterize target relationships, interactions and co-expression patters in tumor microenvironments (TME) of untreated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tissues.  RNAscope-based target expression analysis is the combination of visualization data and cell-specific molecular quantification in complex TME.

Scientists from ACD’s Pharma Assay Services generated these Immuno-Oncology datasets from RNAscope 2.5 or Duplex assays performed on large (3 mm) core tissue microarrays (TMAs) of tumor and adjacent normal tissues from lung and ovarian cancer patients.

  • High resolution tumor profiling datasets of multiple immune checkpoint and functional markers
  • Readily available cost-effective target expression data
  • Detailed report with high quality images, 40X Aperio full slide scans, and HALO™ quantitative tumor/stroma expression analyses available
Co-expression of PD-L1 and IDO1 in lung cancer: Single-cell analysis by the RNAscope 2.5 HD Duplex Assay revealed co-expression of IDO1(Hs-IDO1; red) with PD-L1(Hs-CD274; green) in a lung cancer tumor core

Co-expression of PD-L1 and IDO1 in lung cancer: Single-cell analysis by the RNAscope 2.5 HD Duplex Assay revealed co-expression of IDO1(Hs-IDO1; red) with PD-L1(Hs-CD274; green) in a lung cancer tumor core

RNAscope® 2.5 HD Duplex and Single-plex Assay Datasets Available:

* Additional data sets with partial results: 30 tissue cores only: CCL3/CCR1, CCL3/CCR4, CCL3/CCR5.

** Available as single-plex datasets using the RNAscope® 2.5 HD Assay-Brown.

Each NSSCLC dataset, based on assays run on 2 TMA slides, includes:

  • High resolution Aperio 40x full slide scans
  • Project Report with representative images showing range of target expression at low and high magnification in tumor and stroma region, material and methods, tabulated control probe QC scores, excel file format annotation of all tissues present on the TMA

HALO image analysis software (Indica Labs) was also used to quantify marker expression. Image analysis data (recommended add-on option) includes:

  • Quantification of percentage of cells positive (%+) for each marker in tumor and stroma regions of interest (ROI)
  • Quantification of percentage of cells dual-positive (%+,+) for each marker pair in tumor and stroma ROI
  • H-scores for expression level of each marker in tumor and stroma ROI
  • Representative mark-up images showing ROI on which image analysis quantification was performed


Immuno-Oncology Datasets


View an example of a comprehensive report that demonstrates:

  • Wide range of PD-L1 & IDO1 co-expression in NSCLC tumor & normal tissues 
  • Intra-tumor expression heterogeneity
  • Primary tumor and stromal expression level
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