RNAscope® 2.5 HD Detection Reagents-RED
Catalog No. 322360

RNAscope® 2.5 HD Detection Reagents-RED



RNAscope® 2.5 HD Detection Reagents-RED assay are designed for RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) based on ACD's patented signal amplification and background suppression technology. This manual assay is a single-plex, chromogenic-RED assay. The detection reagents contains AMP 1, APM2, AMP 3, AMP 4, AMP 5, AMP 6, Fast RED-A, Fast RED-B. The detection reagents provide enough reagents to stain ~20 tissue sections, each with an area of approximately 20 mm x 20 mm (0.75in x 0.75in).To run the detection reagents you will need the pretreatment kit and the wash buffer reagents.Disclaimer: Photos 2.5 products will be updated shortly.
Sample Type Compatibility
Adherent cells, Cell pellets, FFPE, Fixed frozen tissue, Fresh frozen tissue, TMA

RNAScope Workflow

  • Hybridize
  • Amplify
  • Visualize


Shipping temperature(°C): 4 ᄚC
Storage temperature(°C): 2-8 C
Shelf life: 9 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • * Please check expiration dates on the reagent package
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Product Documents