ACD HybEZ Hybridization System (220v)
Catalog No. 310013

ACD HybEZ Hybridization System (220v)



The HybEZ Hybridization System (220V) allows hybridization and incubation of ACD's RNAscope® assay. The oven holds up to 20 slides in a rack, and provides the necessary temperature control and humidity required for optimal performance of RNAscope® manual assay. The system comprises: HybEZ oven, A humidity control tray (PN 310012), HybEZ Humidifying Paper (2 sheets).
Assay Compatibility
RNAscope® 2-plex Assay, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- BROWN, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- RED, RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Assay

RNAScope Workflow

  • Hybridize
  • Amplify


Shipping temperature(°C): RT
Storage temperature(°C): RT
Shelf life: 2 yr warranty from the date of manufacturing.
  • * Please check expiration dates on the reagent package
Product Documents

Product Documents

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Frequently used with this product

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