ACD HybEZ Humidity Control Tray
Catalog No. 310012

ACD HybEZ Humidity Control Tray



The humidifying control tray is a component of HybEZ Hybridization System holding up to 20 slides on the slide rack. The tray ensures adequate heat insulation and humidity control with the HybEZ Hybridization oven for optimal results. The system comprises of a single tray.
Assay Compatibility
RNAscope® 2-plex Assay, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- BROWN, RNAscope® 2.0 HD Assay- RED, RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Assay

RNAScope Workflow

  • Hybridize
  • Amplify


Shipping temperature(°C): RT
Storage temperature(°C): RT
Shelf life: NA from the date of manufacturing.
  • * Please check expiration dates on the reagent package
Product Documents

Product Documents

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Frequently used with this product

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